Nobody knows what’s on a cat’s mind. I mean, just look at them–the tiny furballs do what they want, couldn’t care less about hoomans and their silly rules, and pretend like they’re invincible wild tigers.

Meanwhile, hoomans adore them to the end of the world, accepting their goofy, jumpy, and often unpredictable personalities. This Reddit community with 481k followers, titled “This Is My Life Meow,” is giving us an illusion that we can get into a cat’s mind and imagine what they’re thinking (or not thinking at all) and just what it feels like to be one.

“When you just accept your life as a feline!” reads the subreddit’s description and oh boy, hilarity is about to ensue. Scroll down and upvote your favorite pics!

#1 He Likes To Be Carried Around In A Paper Bag In The House So I Thought I’d Try It Outside. He Didn’t Try To Jump Out And Just Relaxed, Enjoying The Sights. I’ve Become That Eccentric Neighbor Who Walks The Streets Clutching Her Cat In A Paper Bag

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#2 Awwwwww

Image credits: rohit_sai1289

#3 Framing Our Best Picture

Image credits: Handro

We previously spoke with Molly DeVoss, CFTBS, CCBC, CRM, FFCP, a certified feline training and behavior specialist who runs Cat Behavior Solutions non-profit organization, to find out more about the weird and wonderful feline minds.

“In spite of their solitary roots, cats are very social, and do bond quite deeply with their owners. They do see when we are not feeling well – emotionally or physically,” Molly said. She explained that is partially due to the break in ‘norm’ – when you are acting different than usual, the cat senses something is wrong.

#4 This Is Whiskey. Earlier This Week, Someone Tried To Rob Us At Home And This Guy Sprung Into Action. Woke Me Up, Ran To The Window And Watched The Front Door As My Wife And I Called 911 And Watched The Windows. He’s Our Little Guard Kitty

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#5 Hooman, Why You Do Dis?

Image credits: bitterbuffaloheart

#6 I Am A Defender Of The Realm Meow

Image credits: Sariel007

The cat behavior specialist says it’s important to reassure your cat if you aren’t feeling well so that they don’t think they’ve done something bad.

“A sign of bonding is when you see your cat rubbing the side of their face against your legs, and items in your home. That area is where there are scent glands that deposit a unique smell for each cat,” Molly said in our previous interview.

#7 My Friend’s Cat Sat Like This All On His Own Meow

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#8 He Thinks He’s Being Sneaky

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#9 They Will Sleep There From Now On

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According to the cat behavior specialist, cats are most comfortable in environments that smell familiar; like them.

“They are basically claiming you as their own when they do it. You will also know your cat is bonded when it wants to be near you. Some cats follow their owners around from room to room and others want lap time. Even when a cat isn’t fond of touch, they can be closely bonded with their owner,” Molly said. 

#10 I Am… Pocket Monster

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#11 I Have To Earn My Keep Meow

Image credits: Sariel007

#12 This Is My Life Meow

Image credits: Crayontear

#13 I Guess I Am A Decoration Meow

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It doesn’t mean, however, that cats bond with their owner straight away. Molly said that on average, it takes about three months for a new cat to fully settle into his new home and bond with the family.

“The history and genetics of a cat predicts how quickly they become affiliative. If a cat was raised without humans around, it will take a while for them to bond. If a cat has a trauma event involving humans in their past, they too will take longer to bond,” the cat behavior specialist explained.

#14 Thinking About The Life Choices That LED Him To This Point

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#15 I Am Carrot Farmer

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#16 This Is Not My Picture, But If The Phrase “The Audacity ” Had A Face, I Think It Would Be This

Image credits: vaderismylord

Molly also said that establishing a routine as quickly as possible will help your new cat to settle in. “Providing environmental enrichment, so the cat can express its natural behaviors comfortably, will make them feel more relaxed in the home,” she concluded.

#17 Took My Pants Off To Weigh Myself & Looked Over To Find This

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#18 I Am Becoming The One With My Pillow

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#19 Mobile Check Deposit Background

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#20 All Kitchen Visits Are Now Monitored And Require A Toll

Image credits: Growle

#21 “You Will Pay For This!”

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#22 I Put A Heating Pad On My Face To Treat A Migraine

Image credits: Kayceegirlie

#23 Sunbeams… My Only Weakness

Image credits: Z3RTU_

#24 “Well…at Least It’s Just Pillows.”

Image credits: mopeiobebeast

#25 I Am Plant Meow

Image credits: swagy_swagerson

#26 Not About That Human Nonsense

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#27 Undecover Agent

Image credits: misterjazz

#28 Ceiling Cat, Watches The Wicked, Observer Of Galaxies

Image credits: Duo-Blue

#29 “Finally Some Peace And Quiet”

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#30 I Am… Kiwi Fruit

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#31 Meowkachu

Image credits: Samir925

#32 I Am A Rug Meow

Image credits: Sariel007

#33 Studies Show That 2 Out Of 3 Cats Have, At Some Stage, Been A Victim Of Non-Consensual Smothering

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#34 I Guess I Live Here Meow

Image credits: Samboni94

#35 Pick Yours Up

Image credits: Puhalet

#36 A Lil Help ?

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#37 Cat In Hair

Image credits: liangjianyi7

#38 A Little Help ?

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#39 C U D D L E

Image credits: Xenc

#40 A Little Help

Image credits: burningmidnight

#41 I Think He Thinks I Can’t See Him

Image credits: Habarer

#42 I’m A Plant Now

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#43 Speechless

Image credits: DholaMula

#44 My Friend’s Cat Is A Bit Too Spicy For The Vet. She Gets The Space Helmet With Every Visit Meow

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#45 Put Your Thinking Cat On

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#46 I Was Told You Guys Would Appreciate This

Image credits: Ziggyjkr

#47 Bill Clinton’s Cat “Socks” Being Hounded By Paparazzi

Image credits: eternalrefuge86

#48 Security Guard Life

Image credits: Souled_Out

#49 That Facial Expression Says It All

Image credits: fullnameqwertyu

#50 I Guess I Am Nyan Cat Meow

Image credits: Sariel007

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