50 Funny Pics Of Totally Clueless People Caught In Action (New Pics)

No matter how successful, cool or elegant we are, we all have our days or brief moments when our common sense and dignity bid their farewell to us. Blame it on your brain having a fart, on Mercury in retrograde, on waking up on the wrong foot, it doesn’t change anything.

Sometimes we are all clueless, hilariously naive, and shamelessly embarrassing. So if you just did or said something stupid, we want to give you a big pat on the shoulder and tell you that you are not alone.

Below we wrapped up the list of images featuring people lost in the cloud of their brain farts, so scroll down. Also, be sure to check out more clueless people caught in action in Bored Panda’s previous features here and here.

#1 When You Don’t Even Know What You’re Fighting For

Image credits: IrateDomination

#2 Scientific Name = Poison

Image credits: Bonelesszeeebra

#3 That’s 668 People Who Lack Critical Thinking

Image credits: beerbellybegone

While we can’t tell the reason that made these people act they way they did as seen in the images shared in this post, we can all agree on the obvious: it’s that humans are sometimes bold and unreasonable.

Luckily, the internet is a perfect place to celebrate these funny occasions. Just like the miscellaneous corner of Reddit known as the “What Could Go Wrong” community, which has been demonstrating examples of “what not to do” since 2013.

#4 She Really Can’t Be That Stupid. She’s A Liar… Err, Lawyer

Image credits: jor3lofkrypton

#5 Who Doesn’t Love Irony?

Image credits: HfUfH

#6 Now Your Own Decisions Belong To A Man You Haven’t Met

Image credits: WillfullyOnerous55

Previously, we spoke with the creator of what is now a Reddit powerhouse that boasts 7.2 million members. The creator who goes by the nickname Peanutbuttered told us a while back that in a perfect world, r/whatcouldgowrong wouldn’t exist because people would know what is smart to attempt and what isn’t. “But since that’s not the case, at least, we hope the subreddit can help to prevent an injury or save a life.”

“My hope is that people who are thinking of attempting a stupid stunt will rethink their decision or maybe recall a post they saw on /r/whatcouldgowrong. Then they’ll think, ‘maybe I should not do this,’” the redditor said.

#7 I Mean, How Stupid Can People Be?

Image credits: Ill_Earth8585

#8 The Husband Will Have To Explain A Lot

Image credits: DaFunkJunkie

#9 Treat Your Kids Well, Then They’ll Start To Love You

Image credits: TenselyTrusty

But bold actions we all sometimes do without thinking twice about them may have to do with our lack of sense of actions and consequences. This may be deliberate or not, since some people struggle to control their impulsivity.

Another reason may be the fact that we live in the age of instant gratification. From social media to online shopping, the ability to get what we want with the click of a button has eliminated the need for long-term planning and consideration of the potential consequences of our actions.

Our culture has become one of immediacy, where people are more concerned with the short-term gratification of their desires than with the long-term consequences.

#10 Lemme Ask You This

Image credits: Puzzleheaded_Bee_571

#11 Parenting Can Be Tough At Times

Image credits: omotomilola

#12 Do You Consider This A Human Being?

Image credits: ckgjfxfcgb

#13 Over A Year Ago I Bought A Kettle That Had A Short Plug Lead, Today I Found This

Image credits: TheWeirdDude-247

This lack of foresight has led to a number of problems, both for individuals and society as a whole. For individuals, it has resulted in a lack of financial planning, leading to debt and overspending. It has also led to a lack of responsibility when it comes to personal health and safety, resulting in an increase in reckless behavior and risky activities.

#14 My Body, My Choice

Image credits: 787v

#15 He Isn’t Very Good At Hints

Image credits: TheRookieGetsACookie

#16 There’s A Thin Line Between Confidence And Stupidity And This Guy’s Way Over That Line

Image credits: riggsbarstool

#17 America Gonna Need Credit For Something People From Other Countries Did

Image credits: Politikal

On a larger scale, this lack of consideration for the consequences of our actions has led to environmental degradation and climate change. We have failed to take the long-term view and instead have focused on short-term gains, leading to a situation where we are now facing the consequences of our actions.

#18 German Climate Activists Glue Themselves To The Conductor’s Stand At A Concert. The Stand Is Removable So They Were Taken Offstage

The concert continued after a 30-second interruption.

Image credits: purple-circle

#19 Yeah, Sure

Image credits: twitter.com

#20 What’s The Problem?

Image credits: StrokeRN18

#21 At Least He’s Cleaning It

Image credits: henpeckedhal

#22 I Never Thought Of That

Image credits: reddit.com

#23 I Bet Her Father Knew

Image credits: lizbeth_ellen

#24 Is Not Healthy To Society That People Can Earn Enough To Survive

Image credits: lucynyu13

#25 My Dad Flamin People On Facebook

Image credits: ThePiper1967

#26 It’s The Principle Though

Image credits: beemovie-bestmovie

#27 A Congressional GOP Candidate For FL-24

Image credits: twitter.com

#28 Does This Count As A Facepalm?

Image credits: ycgrom

#29 How Is This Even Possible

Image credits: floweychloe

#30 I Desperately Want The Backstory Behind This

Image credits: okwildlifedept

#31 Clueless Karen

I do want to specify that the employee knew English. He was trying his best to get his message across. It’s just that he spoke in broken English, which the woman couldn’t understand. But everyone else in the vicinity, including myself, could.

Image credits: Surinaamer

#32 Exhibit A

Image credits: Left-Manufacturer979

#33 This Guy

Image credits: xxFren

#34 So I Came Out Of The House At 5 This Morning And I Saw This Bloke Leaning On A Wall With A Walking Stick I Thought He Must Be Out Of Breath

Just went back out and he was still there I shouted mate you alright? No reply, so I walked over to check on him and it was a trampoline net hanging over the wall.

Image credits: No-Glove1428

#35 Math Is A Myth

Image credits: _-ZORO-_

#36 Indian Billionaires

Image credits: Final-Description625

#37 Guy Thinks Pounds Aren’t Currency

Image credits: Willytay85

#38 The Mystery Of The Exploding Cheese

Image credits: ivanvanrio

#39 “It’s The West”

Image credits: Fadedthepro

#40 I’m Learning A Lot About Rice Today

Image credits: Gofterdom

#41 This Is What Worry Looks Like

Image credits: BrightTomatillo

#42 Please Write In English

Image credits: GGezpzMuppy

#43 They Painted The Shadow

Image credits: nikazmil

#44 Cancel Culture

Image credits: Mr__O__

#45 Wait Until They Learn How British People Spell The Word “Color”

Image credits: PirateJohn75

#46 Talk About Missing The Point

Image credits: TheGreatWhiteN9

#47 Complimentary Biscuits 0/10

Image credits: hotelluxband

#48 We Are Doomed

Image credits: MysteriousMilkk

#49 Does She Not Know How WiFi Works

Image credits: DangerousOpossum

#50 This Girl At The Airport Waits Until The Queue Moves All The Way Forward To Move. People Confronted Her And She Said “It’s The Same If I Move Now Or Later”

Image credits: reddit.com

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