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It doesn’t matter what is going on in the world, as a freelance web designer, knowing how to get web design clients is critical.

It might feel as if you have hit a dead end, but there are still plenty of opportunities to find new web design clients; you just need to know how to get web design clients and where to look. That’s why we’ve put together the top ten places to get web design clients.

Here are 10 Best Ways to Get Web Design Clients:

1. Search Job Boards to Get Web Design Clients

It’s possible to start a full-time business just from the work you receive on freelance job websites. Here are a few of the reputable choices we prefer.


At first glance, you might not see what makes SolidGigs different, but the tools offered take this platform to new heights. Start by signing up to receive top-tier freelance gigs in your inbox every week, then browse the library of education and other tools that help you excel in your field. The value is second to none.


Professional freelance marketers rely on FlexJobs to provide positions from some of the top companies. Every job posting is screened carefully by the team. This level of security ensures that you won’t get wrapped up in a scam.


Upwork is one of the most popular freelance platforms around. It was formerly named Elance-oDesk, but changed its name in 2015. There are opportunities in every field, including web design.


Fiverr operates differently than many of the other platforms. You post your services and a flat-rate fee. Then, those looking for web design will reach out to you directly. If you take the time to market your skills, you can find a lot of success on this site.


Currently, about two million clients are using PeoplePerHour. To stand out from the other freelancers, you want to post a portfolio of your work. This simple action helps others to see what you can do.

2. Market Your Skills Online to Potential Web Design Clients

how to get web design clients

With the work you have already performed, you have a lot to brag about. Take to social media to start marketing your talents. Digital marketing is your best friend when you are looking for work. Whether you handle your social media content yourself or you utilize marketing management software, you want to consider these platforms.


Getting Twitter followers isn’t difficult if you have some time to invest. If you want new web design clients, you want to connect with other businesses, which is where Twitter excels.

Leverage this platform to not only market your services, but also yourself. Plus, it’s not expensive to advertise on Twitter, if you decide that spending some of your marketing budget is needed.

Start your Twitter account, if you haven’t already. From there, start following influencers and people you hope to build a relationship with. As you interact with them, you gain more connections in the industry.


To get more web design clients, you can also try out Facebook. Across the platform, you will find small businesses in every industry and sector. The organic reach has suffered slightly over the years, but Facebook continues to offer many advertising solutions that help you achieve success. We always suggest starting out small and running a few targeted ads.

Then, join some industry-related groups. As you participate, others will begin to see the value your services bring to the table.


With LinkedIn, you quickly connect with other professionals in your industry and beyond. Whether you are just starting your web design business or you are completely established, the connections you make will become invaluable. There’s also the option to use LinkedIn jobs to get more work.

Make sure you mention your website and portfolio, so that others can see what you’ve done.

3. Gain Referrals via Past or Current Web Design Clients

Even though social media marketing takes the forefront of getting new clients, you can’t overlook the value of referrals. Your existing customers can serve as a salesforce as you learn how to get web design clients.

Cash in on Compliments

If your customer praises you for a job well done, take advantage of the compliment. Tell them that you are happy to hear that they enjoyed the work and ask them to refer you to others.

Create a Referral System

If you plan to make a referral system, give something valuable in exchange. It’s true – you get what you give. People are more inclined to share your information with others if there is something in it for them. Don’t be afraid to leverage this to get more web design customers.

Utilize Testimonials

On your website, social media pages and print advertising, you should be highlighting testimonials from other happy clients. Link to their website in exchange for providing the testimony.

4. Spend Time on Your Website

If you want to sell your website design services, your own page must be top-notch. After all, any prospect looking at your site needs to see something they like. Otherwise, all of your efforts won’t help you figure out how to get web design clients. Here are a few things to consider as you work on your site.

Focus on Design

Your website should display your competency as a professional. After all, no one is going to trust you with their website when yours is unappealing. Focus heavily on providing professional photography and high-definition images throughout.

Prioritize SEO

Your website provides one of the best marketing tools you have in your arsenal. If it ranks highly in the search engines, you are going to acquire more business naturally.

If you don’t have a working knowledge of search engine optimization, it’s best to hire a professional to craft an SEO game plan.

Curate Blog Posts Regularly

how to get web design clients

Posting regular content helps you to rank higher with the search engines, but it also provides valuable information to your clientele. With the right content, your audience will keep coming back to learn more. It also helps you to build a stronger reputation.

To create the best content strategy, you should sit down with your calendar and map out blog post ideas. If special events are coming up, you should leverage this time to rank higher in the search engines. Otherwise, stick to valuable how-tos and tips that your clients will appreciate.

5. Spend Time on Outreach to Web Design Clients

With new technological innovations, we’ve changed the way we’ve outreached as a business. Several decades ago, it was common to knock on doors and try to get appointments, but that’s not the case today. Now, you can outreach as a way to get web design clients.

Focus on Social Media

Social media outreach is simply leveraging Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to raise awareness for your company or brand while building relationships. There’s a fine line between social media outreach and spamming, so you must be careful.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the modern-day alternative to cold calling. You can send your message out to a list of prospects in hopes of getting new web design clients. You should also have a place to sign up for email marketing on your website. It can be in the form of a pop-up.

Beyond that, make sure you connect email addresses when you attend networking events or meet any new business owners. These can prove to be invaluable as you follow up and offer your services.

Cold Calling

While many businesses have moved away from cold calling, the practice isn’t yet dead. It often works best if you practice warm calling instead. What is warm calling? It’s when you establish a connection with someone through another avenue first.

For example, if you have the contact information for a business owner that you want to pitch to, try sending an email first. Then, a few days later, you can follow up on that email with a phone call.

6. Network With Peers

Networking will always be the key to success, no matter how you do it. Without these vital connections, you can’t find new web design clients. While most people have taken to social media as a way to network, you can’t overlook the value of in-person relationships. Here are a few innovative ways to begin networking.

Rent Co-working Space

Sure, it’s fun to sit at home in your pajamas and work, but it doesn’t help you extend your reach. If you join a coworking space, you can visit occasionally and start making connections.

Bring your neighbor a cup of coffee and start chatting. Over time, you will learn about the services offered by your peers and they will know who to turn to for web design.

Make an Appearance at Local Gatherings

The networking opportunities are endless, especially if you work in a city. However, even in the smaller areas, you will find lots of chances to connect with others.

Search out dedicated networking events, but go beyond that. Attend any company events that are seeking press, or look for places where companies are scouting for new talent. Just make sure you have your professional business cards with you.

If you live in a major metropolitan area, the options available to you are endless, but you can find plenty of opportunities in smaller regions as well.

Join Forums

If you would rather start out online and avoid face-to-face meetings, you might consider looking at some forums instead. Online forums offer a great way to make connections without leaving your office or home.

You must read the rules of the forum you plan to use and follow all of the rules. After all, you don’t want to get kicked out of the group.

When done right, sharing your knowledge on a forum can help you establish new connections.

7. Follow Up On Old Web Client Leads

While you have a heavy focus on finding new web design clients, you don’t want to forget about the potential available from previous leads. When you are slow, it’s time to connect with these two groups of people to see how you can help.

Web Design Clients Who Haven’t Purchased

Go back through your contacts of people who either turned you down or those that disappeared from your radar. Now is the time to follow up through email and offer your services again.

You can take the nonchalant approach and ask them to look through your packages, or be bold and ask for some feedback regarding why they didn’t choose you.

Past Web Design Clients That You Worked For

You can also connect with old clients that haven’t had work done in a while. Shoot them an email and ask how it is going or to see if they need any help. If you know a client recently did something new, like wrote an ebook, it’s the perfect time to reach out and see how you can be of assistance.

8. Showcase Your Web Design Portfolio

If you plan to get web design clients, you must be able to show them your previous work. That’s where your professional portfolio comes into play.

If you are just starting out, you might need to take on a few clients for free just to build your portfolio. Don’t be discouraged by this step; it will bring you paying business in the future.

Then, you want to market your portfolio with every client you met, on social media and during networking events. Be ready to show off what you can do and take pride in your work. People will see your confidence and want to work with you.

9. Hire an Agency

At first, you might think working with an agency goes against the point of working for yourself, but that’s not true. With an established agency in place, you can quickly build relationships and find new web design clients.

Working with a web design agency is also perfect if you are just getting started. You can become instantly profitable without searching for web design clients. They handle all of the sales; all you need to do is the work.

Plus, agencies work with much larger clients than you will be able to in the beginning.

For some freelancers, it becomes wise to work with a mixture of agencies and independent clients.

Just be careful that you don’t share the work done through the agency without prior permission. You could get into a lot of trouble if you have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Here’s how to get started.

  • Make a list of agencies you would work with.
  • Email them a link to your portfolio.
  • Include your rates in the email.
  • Set up a time to meet for coffee or lunch, or via Zoom to discuss the working arrangement

It could take several emails or calls to various agencies before you talk to someone that wants to work with you, but don’t get discouraged. Many agencies are willing to outsource work; you just need to find the right one.

10. Never Give Up

how to get web design clients

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or you are established, you can utilize new skills every day to find web design clients. The key to learning how to get web design clients is to never give up and to always strive for more.

Every foot you put forward takes you one step closer to your next job.

Constantly strive to improve your sales pitch, marketing efforts and website ranking. These are all vital aspects to ensure your success and should be a work in progress. As you experiment, you will learn new tactics and tricks that keep you in the game.

3 Tips on How to Get Web Design Clients Fast

As you embark in trying out these steps to see what works for you. Remember, these three vital tips.

1. Be Confident in Yourself

If you want to win over new web design clients, you must have confidence that portrays success. No one wants to work with someone that isn’t sure of themself. As you remain confident, others will believe you are an expert in your field and naturally want to work with you. Right now, it’s your job to sell yourself.

2. Do Your Research

To be confident, you must know what you are talking about. Before you meet with any new client, do your research. When you sit down to pitch your ideas, you need to know:

  • What the client is looking for
  • How you will solve their problems
  • What you bring to the table that helps them succeed

3. Follow Through

No matter how you find new prospective clients, it’s essential that you follow through. After the initial meeting, make sure you follow up and cultivate the relationship further. Just remember, there is a fine line between persistent and annoying. Don’t become the latter in your quest to gain more business.

Prepare for Your New Web Design Clients

Now you know how to get web design clients. Since reading this article, you’ve likely seen several steps you are willing to take today. Start with these and begin the experiment. You will quickly learn what works in your situation and what doesn’t.

It won’t be long before you have a steady flow of work coming in and the days of hustling to get new clients will be behind you.

It’s advisable to avoid taking on too many steps at once, or you could burn yourself out. Instead, focus on one or two of the paths to begin and see where they take you.

As time progresses, you can add in more until you have a well-rounded marketing plan. You might even be able to help other web designers get their start in the future.

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