Final Fantasy XIV‘s upcoming expansion, Endwalker, holds significant changes for the Summoner job class, including the removal of all DoT abilities. Posed to release on December 7, 2021, with Early Access available on December 3, Endwalker will include a level cap increase to 90 for all playable jobs. Within this expansion includes new and upgraded abilities players can unlock through level 90, as well as substantial changes through previous abilities at lower levels depending on the job. The Letter from the Producer Live Part LXVI that released September 2021 outlined all the changes players can expect when exploring Endwalker, including a massive overhaul for the Summoner job.

Currently, the Summoner relies heavily on manifesting alternate forms of powerful beasts called Primals that are encountered through the main story of FFXIV. These alternate forms, known as Egis, have different abilities depending on which Primal is summoned and are not as robust in power compared to their true counterparts. A main feature of the Summoner job in FFXIV is the number of abilities that inflict a DoT, or Damage over Time. While Summoners have regular attacks through their own arsenal and through their Egi summons, players typically need to keep up their DoTs in order to achieve maximum damage output.

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This entire playstyle for the Summoner will be dramatically changed following the release of Endwalker. In the Live Letter, Final Fantasy XIV producer Yoshida Naoki, also known as Yoshi-P, announced that the Summoner will be able to summon different versions of the Primals and that DoTs as a whole will be removed. The new changes for the Summoner job in FFXIV: Endwalker will center around players manifesting alternate forms of Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan, and the rotation will feature more pet-focused abilities as well as elemental damage depending on the Primal that is summoned. The mechanics for Bahamut and Phoenix will roughly stay the same, and they can be summoned in between the three elemental Primals for a smooth rotation.

Thankfully, Yoshi-P explained why DoTs are being removed in FFXIV: Endwalker. “Since A Realm Reborn, a lot of people were saying, ‘This is not a Summoner, it’s just a DoT placer’, and so we removed it,” Yoshi-P said during the September Live Letter. The full Letter from the Producer video can be viewed below or here.


In another interview translated by ryokutya2089 for Famitsu, Yoshi-P stated that the removal of DoTs was a main aspect for the job overhaul:

“The original Summoner’s mechanism had reached its limit. It was barely possible to add new actions. Therefore, we decided to make a major renovation with 6.0 at the jet black release stage…I wanted to recover it somehow, so the first concept of the renovation was to erase all DoTs.”

Players who have stuck with the Summoner job consistently through FFXIV can expect the new mechanics in Endwalker to feel more like the classic Summoner roles included in other Final Fantasy titles. The job overhaul promises a fast-paced experience with a wide variety of choices, as players can alternate the order of the Primals they summon to change up the rotation. The new mechanics ensure that fans won’t get bored while playing through the new Final Fantasy XIV content and that players can finally feel like their favorite Summoner from previous Final Fantasy installments.

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Author: Samantha McCoy