If you’re a fan of all things creepy and unsettling, then you’ll definitely want to check out the subreddit r/mildlyterrifying. This place is dedicated to sharing and discussing content that is “scary enough to increase your heart rate, or grow half a goosebump”. From macabre beings to uncanny anomalies, this place has it all!

Created in 2012, r/mildlyterrifying has more than 75k members who share their passion for “shudder-inducing” things. The subreddit is home to a wide range of content, including eerie photos and unsettling videos and stories. Whether you’re a fan of traditional horror or enjoy more subtle forms of terror, you’re sure to find something that will send a chill down your spine.

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#1 Mirror Sculptures Reflect The Forest By Scottish Artist Rob Mulholland

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#2 Burn It Down

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#3 Just Climbed Into Bed And Learned The Hard Way That The Cover Of This Book Glows In The Dark

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The subreddit r/mildlyterrifying is a place for people to share and discuss things that give them a sense of unease or fear, but are not necessarily considered to be “scary” in the traditional sense. The subreddit’s name itself is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the content shared on the subreddit is meant to be more unsettling than outright terrifying. However, looking at these images, we can still feel some chills going down our spines!

Bored Panda spoke with Francis McAndrew, Cornelia H. Dudley Professor of Psychology at Knox College, to learn more about that unsettling feeling of being creeped out. Scroll down to read the whole interview!

#4 This Billboard Ad Peeling Off

Image credits: TVBrainSurgeon

#5 Hornets Nest That Formed Around The Face Of A Wooden Statue That Was Left In A Shed

Image credits: lujainosaurus

#6 The All New Baby Safety Seat. Never Leave Your Kid Inside A Hot Car While You Shop Again. Late 1950s, Early 1960s

Image credits: MelanatedTukon

There are many things that are generally considered creepy or uncanny. For example, the concept of dolls or mannequins coming to life can be a frightening thought for some people. The idea of these inanimate objects suddenly moving on their own, or even worse, exhibiting human-like behavior, can be a chilling experience. This fear is often exploited in horror movies, but for some individuals, the thought of this happening in real life is enough to give them nightmares. We asked McAndrew how we could cope with our fears. The professor replied that we shouldn’t wish to fight our fears in real-life situations, as they may save our life. “However, reminding yourself that a photograph or a movie does not pose a real threat to you may help to ease unpleasant feelings in their presence.”

#7 So That’s That Huh?

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#8 I Was Taking Out The Trash This Morning And Found Bare Footprints

Image credits: _Us3rnam3

#9 My Dad’s Tenants Sent This Pic During Yesterday’s Winter Storm… Just Before They Got Into Bed

Image credits: violet_beard

The feeling of creepiness is a complex emotion that is often described as an uneasy or unsettling sensation that can be difficult to define or explain. It is often associated with things that are perceived as abnormal and can be triggered by a wide range of stimuli, including people, places, and objects. But how does the feeling of creepiness differ from other emotions, such as fear or disgust? Or are they linked? McAndrew explained that creepiness is like a form of emotional ‘foreplay’ before we descend into fear or disgust. “We experience fear or disgust in situations where there is a very clear danger present–something that might harm or contaminate us. We experience creepiness in situations where it is unclear if there is an actual threat or not, and we stay uncomfortably creeped out until we can resolve the situation one way or another.”

#10 You Guys Are Cute With Your Scary Spiders. I Found This Under My Couch A Month After I Fumigated

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#11 Graphic Artists Should Be Licensed

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#12 This Will Haunt My Dreams

Image credits: LanceHasPants

Talking about the feeling of being creeped out we might also think about how our cultural experiences and exposure can impact how individuals respond to things that are perceived as creepy. To question how the feeling of being creeped out varies across different cultures, McAndrew responded that “the feeling of being creeped out is probably a very universal human experience, but the things that we learn to get creeped out by may be very different from culture to culture.”

#13 Spider Carrying Out Goldfish From Pond

Image credits: Luigihiji

#14 A Starfish Waking Back To The Water

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#15 This Is What The Inside Of The Mouth Of A Leatherback Sea Turtle Looks Like

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How does the media (movies, TV, video games, etc.) influence the way we experience and perceive creepiness? According to McAndrew, “the media preys upon our creep detectors. When we get creeped out by something, we cannot stop paying attention to it. Since the makers of movies, TV shows, and video games absolutely do not want you to stop paying attention, they will employ creepy things whenever it is to their advantage.”

#16 I Find This Terrifying

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#17 He S T A R E

Image credits: duke-vedam-dren

#18 Awesome 3D Grafitti Even If Slightly Scary

Image credits: wadeybb

#19 Dental Mannequins Are Kind Of Terrifying

Image credits: hazard2600

#20 This Is What A 3D Mri Reconstruction Of Your Face Looks Like When You Wear Makeup. The Metal Particles In Your Mascara Etc. Disturb The Signal Of The Mri Machine

Image credits: Coconutbunnana

#21 Ct Scan Of 1,000-Year-Old Buddha Sculpture Reveals Mummified Monk Hidden Inside

Image credits: Lathanue

#22 The Panorama Made This Cat Looks Like A Mouse

Image credits: l_ambert

#23 Spook

Image credits: ThatGuySasquatch

#24 The Tooth Fairy

Image credits: GallowBoob

#25 Kids In Vintage Ads

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#26 Looked Out The Peephole And This Is Who I Saw

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#27 Haunting

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#28 This Fucking Picture

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#29 Jesus Christ!!

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#30 I Don’t Quite Know Why This Is Making Me Uncomfortable

Image credits: TrapLoverBigMood

#31 I Sat On The Toilet, Closed The Door, And My 2yo Decided I Wasn’t Shitting Myself Fast Enough

Image credits: rigidmisfit

#32 This Is A Sun Bear. It Might Not Be Terrifying To Most People But It Shudders To Imagine This Creature Run At You With 2 Legs(Like A Human) At Night

Image credits: GrandpaBear14

#33 This

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#34 Um

Image credits: jkdhlkjasghlasjk

#35 My Nest Cam Keeps Seeing Faces In The Bush At The Front Door

Image credits: twistsouth

#36 Imagine Seeing This In The Distance

Image credits: Soapy_Meat

#37 This Mother Wolf Spider And Its Babies

Image credits: herekittykitty09

#38 Now Someone Should Dress Like A Nun Outside The Window And Really Fuck Him Up

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#39 My Boyfriend And I Went To A Drive-Through Safari Type Thing, And Learned That Ostriches Are Terrifying

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#40 Something About This Image Freaks Me Out

Image credits: Phyc0delic

#41 Taking A Lift In Gwangju, 1984

Image credits: Pennsylvasia

#42 My Camera Snapped A Picture Exactly When Another Camera’s Flash Was Going Off

Image credits: thepearofdoom

#43 You All Know That Scary “Christmas In Yugoslavia” Picture. I Present To You A Friend Of Mine With Yugoslavian Teletubby

Image credits: njaminjami

#44 Weird Thing My Mom Made And Put Right Across From Her Bed

Image credits: GranolaBarSupervisor

#45 Photo Of Local Pub. This Photo Doesn’t Have A Filter.. We’re Likely To Have A Bushfire Come Through Our Town In The Next Few Hours

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#46 Our Grapes Came With A Black Widow And Her Dead Mate

Image credits: Treezle737

#47 Made This Beauty In 5th Grade… It Was Supposed To Be Miley Cyrus

Image credits: Munk-the-Man

#48 Mom Is My Hero

Image credits: byrobot

#49 The Sun Casting Shadow On My Lamp Makes It Look Like A Terrifying Spider Hiding Within

Image credits: cdunning93

#50 An Old Family Photo That My Dad Found… When You See It

Image credits: MiNuggets

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