Spring 2023 ScreenCraft Film Fund Second Rounders

Listed below are the Second Round Quarterfinalists of the Spring 2023 ScreenCraft Film Fund. These projects were selected from almost 1,100 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

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Here are the Second Rounders:

“cat” Jessica Redish
(When You’re Ready To Go) Amy B Tiong
1000 Paths of Death Alaric Rocha
50 Meters Yomna Khattab
5480 Days Nikki Wallin
55: The Untold Story of the 1993 Dunbar Basketball Team Angel Williams
8Nights Sam Evoy
A Good Day Will Come Amir Zargara
A Good Neighbor Maggie Hart
A League Of Our Own Fran Harris
A Life In Music Richard Essilfie-Bondzie
A Reflection Laurie Barraclough
A Walk on the Cold Sky Meseret Haddis
Abby’s Turn Joy Fox
ADA Nora Jaenicke
After she died Shivani Khattar
After What Happened at the Library Kyle Casey Chu, Roisin Isner
All the Beautiful Things A.M. Lewis
Alphas Jeanette Scherrer
American Retail Carlotta Summers
Anywhere the Wind Blows Jay Liu
ARIAD Semra Michaels
As We Fall Silent Lauren Wagner
Asphalt Flowers Leslie Alejandro
At Night Michael Wells
Aunty Untitled Film Aunty Untitled Film
Baby Boys Darcy Cagen
Baby Love Kate Kelsen
Baby’s Breath Elijah Noble El
BAD NEWS Benjamin Christopher
BaeWatch ATL Roger Alexander
BANANAHEAD Christopher Greenslate
Bastard Peppur Chambers
Beige Olivia D’Lima
Beneath the Grass William Bermudez, Sam Friedman
Bhodee Lisa Romagnoli
Bleak Oblivion Christian Rousseau
Bless Drea Castro
Blessed by the Best: The Struggles & Triumphs of Krsnanandini Dasi       Krisztina Danka
Blight Markus Hoeckner
Blood on Blood J. Soren Viuf
Blue Collar America – Starbucks Mark Mori
Bodies of Horror Palmira Muniz
Bogotá Story Esteban Pedraza
Boomerangst George Johnson
Born A Stray Adel Morales
BRAND NEW Denzel Whitaker, Quincy G. Ledbetter
Brave Little Hawk Leah Peterson
Bravo, Burkina! Wale Oyejide
Breath Play Jeremy Schmidt
Brownsville Bred  Elaine Del Valle
Bwa Kayiman Yves Beneche
C B D C Marko Knezic
Caiman Charles Borg, Joshua Bruce
Calamity & Mercy Daniel Smith
Camaro Lisa Lagace
Chantoto’o Jesse Garcia
Child of Woe Samuel Perrone, Michael Perrone
Chispa Karina Lomelin Ripper
Chuck and Fern Henry Alexander Kelly
Citizens of Nowhere Nathan Powell
City Of Rats Gavin McClenaghan
Class Act Mike Vannelli, David Wright, Ryan Lefton, Greg Audino, Tim Buel
Class Clown Eythan Maidhof
Clifton Park Maren Lavelle, Matt Steiner
CLINIC Aleshia Jackson
Cold Dead Hands Michael Dunker
Comedy & Tragedy Jake Binstock, Parker Rouse
Confidence, Man Matthew Goodhue
Controlling the Narrative Eva Moss
Courtside Joy Shi
crystal cross Richie follin
CYBERGRANNY Yaroslav Voytseshek
Daly City Nick Hartanto
Dear TC, Please Love Me Mega Dafiaghor
Death and Life OJ Hansen
Decatur Blues Odera Isaac
DELIVERUS Kirsten Keeton
Despair Change Neil Saul
Devil Makes Three Goldie Jones
Dick Bunny Susan Mendoza
Dirty Water Minda Martin
Disco Power Suhra Nahib
Dispatchment Rafael Jordan, Patrick Jones
Displacement Jonathan Everett
Dogs and Cats Living Together Kerry Bailey
Don Doko Don: The Yamakiya Taiko Club Story Darryl Wharton-Rigby
DONE Joe Pezzula, James Ninness
DOWNSTATE Erin Murphy West
DROPPING Anna Klassen
Earl’s Gotta Die Heather Shapiro
Empathica Taylor Bibat
Even In The Light valeria Avina
Everybody Has An Andy Dick Story Cathy Carlson
Everybody Wins Alex Bragan, Griffin Johnston
Exchange Place Jeff Geoffray
Far Tortuga Jack Evans
Female Captive Brittany Crawshaw
FERAL Nihaarika Negi
Fight Julien Hawthorne
FILTHY Lisa Cole
First Date Emil Gallardo
FIRST GENS Nahreen Tarzi
Flamingo Camp Chris Coats
Flat Martha Rosemary Lokhorst
Flour Girl Jada Bethea
Flying Lessons Sarah Waldron
Fomosexuals Gabriel Notarangelo
Fou Gabrielle Barlatier
Framing Her Coco Wouters
Free Juan Martinez Vera
Game Night Ellis Sutton, Jasper Ross
GATEWAY Justin Calen-Chenn
Giant Void Michael Reisinger
Gifted – The Docuseries Robert Horsey
God, Help Me! Angela Gulner
Golden Child Hannah Levin
Golden Garden Takeout Maggie Wong
Golden Hour Maureen McEly
Good Girl Haley Dercher
Good Guy with a Pun Dmitry Milkin
Goodbye, Hello Omkar Phatak
Grandpa rocks school Christoph Kathollnig
Gravel Road Arden Teresa Lewis
Greetings From Arizona Margaret Sclafani, Zach Singer
Growing Pains Catherine Argyrople, Mariana Fabian
Hair Wraith Jennifer Popovich
Hammer Alejandra Parody, Ben Sottak
Happy Bellies Happy Jia Alice Yang
Happy Campers Amy Nicholson
Happy Endings Madison Leonard
Hardcastle Donna Brodsky
HATCHBACK Lynelle White
Haunted Halls Caroline Rodriguez
HAUNTED HEART Mike Bencivenga
He Is Without His Guns Gilles Geary
Heartworm Miriam Arens, Mitchell Arens
Here I Am Marc Francis
Home Game Natalia Nylec
Human…by any other name Georgia Van Cuylenburg
I AM KATHY jane therese
I Do Alexander Seltzer
I Have Love In Me Anne DeMelo
I Was Here Noëlle Gentile
I Wish I Were Pretty Hanah Chang
Ice(d) Cream Alonso Indacochea
If I am Here It is By Mystery Érica Sarmet
If the Ocean Could Talk – A Voice for the North Atlantic Bonnie Monteleone
In the Garden of Tulips Ava Lalezarzadeh
Independence Night – Weidknecht Paul Weidknecht
Inertia Michael Conroy
INK Michael Lancaster, Michael Lovan
interlude Sophia Khan
Ivy Eddie Sánchez
Jack and Sam Jordan Horowitz
JAJU Greg Dorchak
Jazz at Pearl’s Tracy Held
Jeff Gets A Job Emmanuel Duga
Jesus Freak Naomi Christie
Josephine Campbell Dominique Generaux
Judy-ism Emily Nash
Junglefowl Kalainithan Kalaichelvan
Just Married – Italian Style Anthony Palmiotto
KABOOM – KIN Anthony Vercoe
Kabuk Nepal Arslan
Katie’s Mom AKA The Dropout Meryl Branch-McTiernan
Killburn Michael Phelan
Kodama Brian Tang
Last Autumn Sam Holst
Last HAWAIIAN SUGAR Deja Bernhardt
Leave Alan Mendez
Life During Wartime: Pilot Episode – Nowhere Fast Mark Bowes
Little Genes Matthew Clingempeel, Skye Emerson
Lo Truitt Glover
Lola Aliya Brooks
Lola Dust Dom Cutrupi
Long Pork Iris Dukatt
LOOK BACK AT IT Felicia Pride
Lost the Lead Michael Johnson
LOST/FOUND Paula Puryear
Louella Erin Cantelo
Makeup & Medicine Cyn Hilaire
Mamá Lola Valentina Hueck
Marias Pass Sydney Hoffner
Maternal Negligence Autumn Martin
Matthew Devin Peluso
Maxine Lynne Bond
MEN Rebecca Dreyfus
Menarche Lara Carvalho
Microbudget Morgan Evans
MIKE Duc Anh Nguyen
Millie Goes To The Doctor Maria Belafonte, Michaela Boutros-Ghali
Miriam Lauren Blumenfeld
Mis-Alignment Pablo Riesgo Almonacid
Miss Me When I’m Gone Matthew Gomez
Mom I Met a Chica Francesco Giacomarra
Monte de suenos Leonora Anzaldua
More Honored in the Breach Juan Villegas
Mosquito Mother Benjamin Kadie
My Heart Is In The Sea Taha Ismail
Neon Vowels Sergio Caballero
Neutrals Jacob Horne
No Filter Mary DeMatteo
No One Special Mike Ellis
No Vacancy Jay Sherer, Nathan Scheck
No. Jeanette Scherrer
Nobody In Japan Dale Crawford
NOLA: The Beginning Mildred Langford
Northern Lights Jenna Putnam
Not Walter Jenkins! AP Hello
On the Brink – Miscalculation: Kennedy and Khrushchev Darin Nellis
Open to It Frank Smith
Out of My Comfort Zone Ivy Vale, Rick Reil
PADATING NA Chris Osterndorf, Joseph Gonzales
Papa Bear Michael Swaim, Abe Epperson
Paris By Night Jeane Wong
Peacock Cory Steele
Pepo Kali Lydia Matata
PERFECT Anna Rose Moore Kessler
Petrol Head Patrick Swain
Physical Therapy Ahuatl Amaro
Pink Flags Misha Calvert
Play It By Ear Simon Kienitz Kincade, Emily Ann Zisko, Brian Reilly, Dillon Antonius Bentlage
Pleasant Child Anna Schatte
Polaris Darryl Wharton-Rigby
PRESENTE! Livia Perini, Dani Wieczorek
Pritty: The Animation Terrance Daye
Prométeme (Promise Me) Katherine J. Espi
Prophet Diana Savone
Puncture Emily Honey
Punderneath It All Abby Hagan
Puppets Of Faith Eric Brown, Chandler Pratt II
Pure Nava Silton
Purple Aaron Therol
Puzzle Chase Hirt
QUEUE Jessica Wilson
r.e.g.g.i.N A. D. Smith
Rapunzel Margarita Milne, Becca Sugar
Reborn Matthew Maloney
Reckless Behavior: The Series Michaela Shelton
Reg Tom of Allpress
Reggie & June Brandon Thomas
Reluctant Recluse Ari Cubangbang
Reparations Day Ashlee Harris
REVIVAL Narine Voskanyan, Monique Peterson
Rockstar, Guru, Hustler Daniel Yadin
Rodney on the River David Gantz
Sanctuary Aaron Lorick
Save the Cat Jordan Horowitz
Saved By a Maidl With a Kof K Tattoo Mendel Weintraub
Say My Name Hassiem Muhammad
Scarlet Govind Chandran, Kelsey Cooke
Sea Salt Natalia Pavlove
Searching For Yoo Marissa Lichwick
Second Generation Frank Smith
Semblance Alex Loucas
Senior Toroes Thomas
Serena Versus Jessica OKeefe
Shakespeare’s Women Lorien Haynes
Shark Bruna Pias
SHERYL Justin Best
Show Business Is My Life, But I Can’t Prove It HEATHER WILK
Simmer Joshua Afiriyie
SIRENS Thomas Sawyer
Slow Down Lee Matthew Goldberg
Smoke Josh Gallas, Lizette Barrera
Sonny’s Blues Tevin Simpson
Spool Mike Gerbino
STARBORN Kylie Eaton
Still Life Kelly Song
Stolen Dough Stefano Da Frè
Stone Fate Dani Craig, Angel Williams
Straight On Till Morning Craig Ouellette, Neal McLaughlin
Stripper Boyz Stephen Sanow
SUBJECT Tristan Barr
Sudanese Cindarella Maha Jafaar
Suka Tsu Shan Chambers
Sundown Tony Marquez, Kathleen Barth
Sundowning Faith Liu
Sunfish (& Other Stories on Green Lake) Sierra Falconer
Surviving the Enemy Denise Ross
Sweeping Graves Kevin Wong, Vanessa Gentry
Switch Amanda Whiteley
Sympathy for the Devil Helena Holland Breger
t4t Ariel Mahler, Matisse Haddad
Table Matthew Moore
Taliban 2.0: A New Dawn Rishi Ghosh-Curling
Te Llaman Las Olas Ana Verde
Tears of the Field Michael Schilf
Tender Trina Colon
The 22 Amanda Gecewicz
The Anne Frank Gift Shop Mickey Rapkin
The Bad Guy Morgan Ann Hammen
The Ballerina’s Curse Juming Delmas
The Belonging Kathy Robinson
The Blossom Shahnaz Mahmud
The Bog Andrea Millard
The Bornless Timothy Stevens
The Chase Adam Loxley
The Class Kirsta Peterson
The Collins Film Brennan Huizinga
The Consequence Kammy Darweish
The Countdown Heidi-Marie Ferren, Shannon McLemore
The Cutting Room Floor Victoria deMartin
The Day The Japanese Invaded Kansas Roxane Llanque
The Ever Curious Man Jake Ewald
The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop Jennifer Potts
The Fisherman’s Tale Nate Chitwood
The Flesh People Keshav Srinivasan
The Girls Next Door Nelson Isava
The Great God Pan Haley Bartels
The Green Flash Jodi Cash
The Growth Samantha Clay
The Heart Grows Old in Autumn Michael Steves, Rafi Jahan, Lucas San Juan
The Inevitable Return of an Atomic Being Zachary Zezima
The Iron Leech Neal O’Bryan, Chad Thurman, Sean O’Bryan
The Lake in the Sky Caleb Reese Paul
The Last Butterflies Whitney Wegman-Wood
The Last Daughter Melissa Richer
The Legend of Damarosch Emily Vere Nicoll, Rachel Vere Nicoll
The Long Dinner Date William Pinke
The Lost & Found – Anthology Marc Castaldo, Reeth Mazumder-Roberts
The Magic of Making Deaf Theatre Matthew Moore
The Magic Trick Aurielle Bryan
The Miracle Tailor Mike Horvath, Joel Kohn
The Moment Between Kyla Sylvers
The Mourning Of Merced Elizondo
The Name of the Film is Untitled Lucia Plaza
The Night is Yours Adam Ciancio
The Offering Spencer Scanlon
The Perfect Boy Alexandra Andreoni
The Propagandist Randy M. Salo, Blake Ryan Lewis
The Queen, The Knight, and The Witch Letia Solomon
The Question Peter Tamaribuchi
The REVVER Mike Hanson, Kelly Moothart
The Robosexual Alden Peters
The Stand Sonja Kelly
The Super Exciting Gang Ricky Lorenzo, Matthew Brian Cohen
The Taster Louis Cox
The Unfinished Film Gemma Clarke , Hannah Antman
The Untamed Olga Holtz
The Wall Karina Castillo
The Well Cover Method Mohamed Jaza
TheLifeguards Johnny Antonini
There’s a Part of Yourself That’s Mean To Yourself Kerry O’Neill
Thirsty Thursday Jeff Oliver
Those who love me will follow me Alessandro Giovanni Lunghi, Ailish Elzy
Threadbeat Dad Crystal Jin Kim
Throuple Michael Doshier
Time of Insurrection Gabriel Fernández-Gil
Time’s Up Amanda Bright
Towards Happy Alleys Sreemoyee Singh
Transjordan Jessica Jiji
Trapped Christian Fink-Irizarry
Trickle & Flow Jen Scott
Tryst Claire Epstein
Two Indians Cara Myers, Pritesh Shah, Dennis Fallon
Unconditional Zao Wang, Tom Toro, Carmiel Banasky
Under the Boardwalk Michael Graham
Undesirables Sarah Marsh
unfiltered Chelsi Bullard
Unmuted Milena Warns
UnScarred Elise Jaffe
Until the Buzzing Stops Abd al Kader Habak
Until The Night Turns Rebecca Strom
Untitled Gray/Roth Documentary Alexandra Dickson Gray
Urban Ed Wade Wofford
Vanilla Alisha Bhowmik, Amanda Centeno
Vanitas Lucy Gamades
Vape Barn Scout Stolpmann
Vial Caroline Iaffaldano
Wake Ayasylla Ghosn
Walk In The Light Princella Smith
Washed Brooke Dooley
Water Girl Nnamdi Kanaga
We are THE BEAT Jonathan Lewis
What Happens After Midnight Jack Wickliffe
When the Bass Drops Marlene Rhein
When Trees Bloom Jacob Melamed
When Winter Comes Yuan Yuan
Where Life Begins Khaled Ridgeway
Whiskey Mountain Days Bill Walker
White in America JLove Calderon
White Shorts Michele Olivieri
Who Are You, Nanu? Anjini Taneja Azhar
whole·some Saladin White II
Wild Love Skyler Thomas
WITCHLAND Tim Mulligan
Within Her Memories Opal Bradbury
Worst Date, Best Date Cameron Thrower, Heather Turman
Yard Bird Jeff Alper
Yasmeen’s Element Amman Abbasi
Yellow Jazzy Hawley
Yesterday Ended Last Night Oana Tenter
You Can Go Home Whenever You Want Matt Everitt
Zaina Mohadeseh Jalilvand
ᏓᏗᏬᏂᏏ (We Will Speak) Schon Duncan

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