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How can I calm him down? What did I do wrong? Did I say anything I shouldn’t have? What else do you want from me? These are questions asked at the cross road of stalemate conversations and arguments. Fortunately there are 3 words can quench, uplift and assist anyone with burning or boiling “fire” within them depending on usage and they’re “Please”, “Thank You” and “Sorry”.

These 3 words are conversation stoppers, vexation Enders and argument quenchers capable of taking the steam of issues, controversies and problems if only strategically used. Causing solicited affection soaked efforts or actions to take place due to their usage which happens voluntarily due to the remembrance of the meaning these words hold and its user(s) leveraging on them. They mean so much but yet few have fully mastered them appropriately. Words that mean different things depending on context.

Please is a word that clearly signifies an appeal for redemption but sometimes used as a plead for help which relies on the emphasizes of “stressing” the word to appeal to its audience or recipient accordingly. A wrong please can be seen as rude and ill-mannered while a right one can open closed door by its magical recitation. Usage of this word doesn’t deprive you of your ego or power but shows maturity and depth of understanding of most importantly when to use it and how to use it.

Thank You is another word for gratitude and the result of any form of gratification received. There is always a profound or exhilarating joy that comes with this word and its utterance. Not everyone deserves it. A word that gives satisfaction and job well done. The exuberant shout of it during a football match puts a smile on our faces. You can’t go wrong with a “Thank You” no matter how unappreciative a person can be, the recipient can never detect an ungrateful Thank You because it is simply a Thank You.

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Sorry, a man who says it when wrong is called honest, a man who says it when unsure is called wise and a man who says it even when right is called a husband. Wars, tribal or gang fights, family feuds and disagreements stop at its utterance. The fastest repellent to disasters.

Every day we say these words at some point, sometimes we care, while others we care less as far as it serves it purpose. Should that always be the case? Are words frivolously used without meaning, depth or appreciation the habit of today’s interaction or conversations?

For many our Parents growing up taught us best to be appreciative of all things, never resent people and always be polite to everyone, never having these expressive words far from our lips but times have change and the finding of justifications to our statements and actions even when wrong is paramount before apology which has led to many wrongs.

Words are potentially dangerous weapons that reveal things better left unsaid. They hurt other people and can get their speakers in trouble or can also uplift people and put their speakers in the good books of many.

Choose your words wisely and the next time you to make use of either “Thank You”, “Sorry” or “Please” make it count.

Just trying to make sense of it all.


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