Each day we face the consequences of our actions. Some might be funny, others—not so much. But the aftermath of events allows our brain to learn from mistakes. Research shows that when we repeat an action after an error, we take more time to evaluate the response. That does not eliminate occasional mishaps, though.

Some of them are so amusing or fascinating, it’s a crime to keep them to ourselves. We at Bored Panda have browsed an abundance of online posts and compiled a list of people’s best what happens when moments. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy these pictures, ranging from breathtaking natural phenomena to some pretty foolish human errors. Feel free to upvote your favorites or share your stories in the comments.

#1 If You Die In The UK And Are On The Organ Donor Register, The Nhs Will Send A Letter To Your Family Explaining What Happened To Your Organs

Image credits: iKojan

#2 This Is What The Grand Canyon Look Like When It’s Lit Only By Lightning

Image credits: reddit.com

#3 This Is What An Igloo Looks Like When You Build A Fire Inside. The Fire Inside Melts The Inner Layer Of Ice, And The Cold Outside Refreezes It, Adding A Layer Of Insulation That Can Keep The Igloo At 60° Inside While It’s -50° Outside

Image credits: Lathanue

#4 Clear Sunset Plus Eclipse Is A Super Rare Occurrence, And When It Happens, You Get These Incredible Apocalyptic Scenery

Image credits: divest_trump

#5 This Is What Happens When A Cat Touches A Plasma Ball

Image credits: bobileo

#6 This Is What Happens When State Prosecutors Who Haven’t Done Any Research Demand A Testimony From A K9 Officer

Image credits: Pinky_Swear

#7 What Happens When The Mist Around A Waterfall Freezes

Image credits: joshmea

#8 This Is What Happens When Snow Doesn’t Melt Underwater In Finland, By Vesa Kaloinen

Image credits: nawitus

#9 This Is What Happens When A Lightning Hits Beach Sand

Image credits: Criptufu

#10 What Happens When You Grow A Pumkin Inside A Plastic Mold

Image credits: TheNameIsKevin

#11 What Happens When A Creative Kid Has A Creative Mom

Image credits: frankiboy

#12 This Is What Happens To An Artichoke If You Don’t Harvest It

Image credits: eblack4012

#13 What Happens When You Blow Bubbles At 15 F. Stunningly Beautiful

Image credits: TlFF

#14 This Is What Happens When You Park In Front Of A Fire Hydrant And A Fire Breaks Out

Image credits: Monty7384

#15 Here’s What Can Happen When A Soggy Stump Goes Through A Hard Freeze: Ice Fur! This Is A Thick Coat Of Fine, Delicate Ice Crystals

Image credits: BarnabyWoods

#16 What It Looks Like When It Snows In The Sahara Desert

Image credits: drhop1095

#17 What Happens When You Get A Burn Over A Faded Tattoo

Image credits: Chris_Isur_Dude

#18 This Is What Happens When You Put Horizontal Mirrors On A Shack In The Desert

Image credits: i_hate_bigs

#19 What Happens When You Go For The Rear Defrost But Hit The Sun Roof. Alaska Style

Image credits: yelpats

#20 What Happens To Windmills When There’s Fog

Image credits: Vmoney1337

#21 This Can Happen When You Blink Faster Than The Shutter On Your Camera

Image credits: bmullerone

#22 What Happens When Lightning Strikes A Flag On A Golf Course

Image credits: Meatymike1

#23 What It Looks Like When You Light A Dandelion On Fire

Image credits: IGoByDavid

#24 This Is What Happens When You Commit A Crime, Then Get Arrested While Shaving Your Head In An Attempt To Change Your Appearance

Image credits: iBleeedorange

#25 This Is What Happens When You Put A Highlighter In The Microwave In Case You Were Wondering

Image credits: joeepeterson03

#26 This Is What Happens To A Basketball Court When The Pipes Burst

Image credits: longjohnsilvaa

#27 This Is What Happens When Lightning Strikes Asphalt

Image credits: 1Voice1Life

#28 This Is What Happens When You Get Into A Car Accident While Hauling Multiple Buckets Of Paint

Image credits: chrono1465

#29 This Is What Happens When You Go Swimming In An Outdoor Pool At -40°c

Image credits: youracat

#30 What Happens When You’re Renovating And Remove A Load-Bearing Wall – Today In Salt Lake City (Not My House)

Image credits: fakeaccount572

#31 Ever Wondered What Happens If There Is A Fire In An Airplane Hangar? Suppression System Activated In Yyz North End

Image credits: stygarfield

#32 This Is What Happens When You Don’t Sell To The Government

Image credits: ne1butu

#33 What Happens When You Have A Broken Traffic Light In São Paulo, Brazil

Image credits: luiznp

#34 This Is What Happens When You Don’t Secure Your Load Properly

Image credits: nomadofwaves

#35 When I Was 3 Years Old I Decided To Put My Dads Brand New Cellphone In The Microwave. He Didn’t Understand What I Meant By “Phone Hot, Daddy! Phone Hot!! ” Until He Walked Into The Kitchen And Saw It Full Of Smoke. 17 Years Later, He Still Has It And Refuses To Let Me Live It Down

Image credits: Jayus_YT

#36 What It Looks Like When You Take The Metal Tops Off Of Gas Stove Burners

Image credits: EleclCtriC

#37 This Is What Happens To Food In Antartica At -94°f/-70°c

Image credits: BeachSamurai

#38 Husband Works In Public Safety And Emergency Management For A Big Hospital. This Is What Happens When People Ignore The Safety Cones Set Up Before The Storm

Image credits: beka_targaryen

#39 What Happens When You Forget To Roll Your Window Up Before A Snowstorm

Image credits: Bp0tt3r

#40 This Is What Happens When You Tell Workers To Self Isolate But Don’t Protect Their Incomes

Image credits: ChicknStripz

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Author: Vėja Elkimavičiūtė