If you work from home or in an office, it’s easy to forget that many workplaces can easily turn into death traps. Or they would be if some managers could get away with it. Fortunately, for workers, if not the company’s bottom line, governmental organizations like OSHA exist to make sure employers at least try to keep their workers alive.

This online group is dedicated to finding examples of workplaces where an OSHA visit might do some good. So scroll through and be sure to upvote your favorites. If you want to continue to shock yourself with examples of workplace hazards, Bored Panda has got your back, so check out our other collections here and here

#1 Somethin Ain’t Right About This

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#2 Meanwhile In Russia

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#3 Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Trying His Hand At Welding

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for the safety of American workers. In the EU, The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has a similar job, though with some significant differences. Firstly, the various nations in the EU maintain their own job inspection agencies that actually conduct the inspections and investigations of workplace safety concerns. 

OSHA keeps a running tally of the most common workplace safety violations they have found every year in the United States. These include insufficient fall protection, poor respiratory protection, and bad ladder safety. While these statistics are taken from US workplaces, comparable job sites around the world are likely to have similar issues. As one can imagine, construction sites are some of the most hazardous, along with work involving chemicals. 

#4 Dad’s Friend Came Across This. Seems Legit

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#5 Tape, Concrete… Same Thing

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#6 I’m A Photographer And I Saw This In Downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Could have at least gotten a little closer”

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While it might seem counterintuitive, OSHA actually isn’t responsible for checking the safety measures in mines and energy infrastructure, even though it’s pretty easy to imagine all these dangers present there. This is not a result of some gross oversight or aggressive deregulation, quite the opposite, the Federal government actually has separate agencies to check if, say, a mine is complying with health and safety rules. This helps OSHA employees focus on their specific competencies without needing a specialized education to work with mines and power lines.

#7 Gotta Love A Reading Nook That Only Gives You A 50/50 Chance Of Surviving Your First Book

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#8 I’m Not Sure The Wooden Edge Of The Playground Is The Best Place To Store Your Burning, Unsupervised Blowtorch

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#9 Manager Has Zip Tied Our Only Emergency Door Shut For The Past 2 Months Because They’re “Tired Of Theives Running Out The Back”

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Many of the suggestions and regulations presented by safety inspection agencies seem like added costs for managers. New equipment, training, and other measures mean more spending, naturally. But safety experts argue that this is a misleading analysis. Worker compensation, fines, and loss of reputation are arguably worse than paying for some equipment, but human psychology tends to undervalue the chances of a disaster, so these precautions “feel” wasteful to upper management. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

#10 We’re All Gonna Die

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#11 Saw This Ad On Youtube The Other Day

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#12 How To Transport A Pane Of Glass

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More often than not, workers will go through a near miss or two before something dangerous actually happens. Normally, this is celebrated, since nothing bad happened, but experts say that these situations are an excellent time to learn. Just because this time nothing bad happened, doesn’t mean that next time will be the same.

#13 There Was A Police Officer Next To That Van Before I Took This Picture

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#14 It’s Ok, They Have Hi-Viz Vests On

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#15 Window Cleaners Across The Street. I’m On The 5th Floor. NYC

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Often there can be a disconnect between the workers exposed to hazards and managers, since the managers are the ones actually capable of resolving the issue, while the workers are the ones most aware and affected by possible dangers. Companies need to ensure that all employees are able to report and detail hazards easily and without fear of repercussions.

#16 This Exit Will Expose You To Formaldehyde

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#17 Found This In An Elevator After The Doors Closed

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#18 Jenga

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#19 Glad I Found This Sub, I Have Lots Of Great Content

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#20 This Is Fine, Right?

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#21 The Ac Unit Of Damocles

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#22 On The Road In Idaho Today, No Words

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#23 0 Days Since Last Incident

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#24 Holes Drilled To Mount A Power Bar To The Wall

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#25 Southbound I-95, Moving At 75 Mph

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#26 Digging Holes In The Middle Of A Major Intersection With No Signage Or Warnings, Seems Safe

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#27 It’s Perfectly Level, See?

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#28 Thats Gonna Be Fun To Take Down

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#29 Hanging Streamers In The Open

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#30 Bumpy Forklift Ride

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#31 Boss Hit A Pole Today On The Job. This Is How They Fixed It

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#32 Next Door To Me. Wanna Get The Scaffold Out? Nah, I Got This

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#33 Just Slap Some Tape On It

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#34 Keep Your Network Lubricated

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#35 “Here, Have My Spare Grinder”

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#36 I Was On The Edge Of My Seat Watching This Guy

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#37 So Thats Where All The Grounding Pins Keep Going

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#38 This Reagent Bottle Was Opened Before I Was Born

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#39 Hotel Room, Cape Town, Sa. White Romex, To Some Kind Of Hidden Power Strip

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#40 “Just Wear A Hard Hat Until It Falls Down”

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