45 Times Product Designers Failed To Consider The Practicality Of Cleaning, As Shared On This Facebook Group (New Pics)

I believe that a good design has to have at least these qualities – practicality, functionality, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. But I also believe that not every designer has these qualities in mind when creating a new product. Therefore images on a Facebook group called Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them have emerged with all sorts of objects designed in a way that just makes us feel mad. If the object turned out beautiful, that is not enough. We need it to be useful, easy to care for, and simply put – practical.

If a product design seems good on paper, that does not necessarily mean that it will be customer-approved. That is why each product design has to be tested before being sold to a broader consumer audience.

So, fellow Pandas, we invite you to see the worst possible designs, maybe learn a thing or two, and share in the comments which fail was the absolute worst for you. And if you would like to repeat this experience, see our previous post on Bored Panda here.

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#1 Finally Found Something That’s Ewww Enough For Here

Image credits: Ricarda Martinez-Arden

#2 The Only Bad Thing About My New Place, This Built In Cutting Board Who On Earth Thought Of This

Image credits: Cleo Ek

#3 The Inside Of My Foster Puppy’s Flexible Cone Is A Textured Fabric That Can’t Be Wiped Down. It’s Foul After Just 2 Days, And He’ll Have To Wear It For 2-4 Weeks. The Person Who Designed This Clearly Never Had A Dog, Probably Never Met A Dog

Image credits: Chelsey Baker-Hauck

#4 The Handles To The Cabinet At The House My Dad Rented For Our Christmas Gathering

Image credits: Madeline Wise

#5 Look At This Hellscape Of A Backsplash. Now Envision Whipped Sweet Potatoes That Had A Little Accident

Image credits: Leigh Sparacino

#6 Smells Exactly Like You’d Imagine

Image credits: Ostritch King

#7 The Ninja Blender Handle

Image credits: Amanda N Salmeron

#8 Spiders

Image credits: Higi Kaelle

#9 A Table At A Restaurant

Image credits: Anahit Cha

#10 This Waiting Room At A Hairdresser

Image credits: Cindy Von Liebig Uemura

#11 Mmmmmm…. Just What I Need After Washing My Hands

Image credits: Liz Russian

#12 This Hospital Finger Thingy

Image credits: Loon Battler

#13 Saw This In My Death Stairs Group. I Think It Belongs Here Too

Image credits: Will Henry Jr.

#14 Imagine That With Hard Water. Yeah… No Thank You!

Image credits: Britta Britta

#15 Thank God For Shoes, Is All I Can Say

Image credits: Cristina Adyta

#16 It’s Fleece I Think

Image credits: Doris Laan

#17 I Wonder If There Are Any Books On Hygiene

Image credits: Mal Brood

#18 At A Bar In Newfoundland And The Bathroom Handle Is Literally Rope

Image credits: Diana Loerke

#19 Those Magazines And Shells In A Bowl Really Class Up This Bedside Table…

Image credits: Jessica Krt

#20 This Chandelier Made Of Sea Shells

Image credits: Taylor Wheeler

#21 Is This An Animal Shelter? By Animal, I Mean Spiders

Image credits: Robert Sheets

#22 Oven Knobs. 100(?) Years And They Still Have Crevices And Gaps For Gunk

Image credits: Frederick Schroeder

#23 Phone Charging Point In Mcdonald’s

Image credits: Vicki MacMorgan

#24 Absolutely Speechless. Yikes

Image credits: Emily Kunstman

#25 Carpeted Laptop By Microsoft

Image credits: Zach Winsley

#26 This Card Holder In A Ford Focus

Image credits: Robin Antonius Pols

#27 This Sink At The Airbnb We Stayed At Earlier This Year

Image credits: Group member

#28 For The Low, Low, Price Of $120 You, Too, Can Have A Ridiculous Faucet With A Million Nooks And Crannies For Hard Water And Dried Toothpaste To Get Stuck In!

Image credits: Georgina Rice

#29 Every Rainforest Cafe…

Image credits: Jennifer McIlhenny

#30 Found While Browsing My Local Fb Marketplace They Originally Paid $800+ For It

Image credits: Luka Harrison-Robles

#31 I Would Definitely Knock Something And Start A Whole Chain Effect Of Breaking Bottles And It Would Be Impossible To Clean

Image credits: Brune Bonassi

#32 This Channel 3″ From The Edge Of My Parents’ Dining Room Table. It Has Been The Bane Of My Existence Fir At Least 35 Years. Crumbs For Scale

Image credits: Kathy Beach Parsons

#33 Althought It Looks Very Cool And Is A Nice Art Piece, To Be Used As An Actual Coffee Table Is One Spill Away From A Nightmare (Those Channels Filled With Rock Are Actual Channels, Not Filled In With Anything)

Image credits: Carter Breckenridge

#34 My Boyfriends Shower ** Ok Let Me Add, I Live With Him, And The Reason It’s So Clean Is…. Because I Live With Him Lol!

Image credits: Dawnielle Callaway

#35 Do You Enjoy Cleaning Your Guitar?

Image credits: Ana Cristina Cabral

#36 Just…. Why???

Image credits: Bori Zsófi

#37 Things Sold By People Who Don’t Want To Clean Them?

Image credits: Zoë Sanderson

#38 This Glitter Encrusted Soap Dispenser (The Glitter Rubbed Off In My Hand)

Image credits: Caitlynn Stone

#39 Couldnt It Just Have Been A Normal Straw…

Image credits: Hilda Henriksson-Ragneskog

#40 Those Windows. Why In The Hell

Image credits: Ramón Edgar

#41 This Is An Airnbn In Madrid. Yuk

Image credits: Tete Malato

#42 Anyone Got A Guess To How Many Spiders This Could Potentially House? Lol. Spotted At Magnolia

Image credits: Becky Roetker

#43 My Regular Apple Watch Silicone Band Gets Manky Enough. Imagine The Grime That Would Get Stuck In These Groves

Image credits: Bree-Anne Kaiser

#44 Just Saw This On Instagram And The Eyeroll Was Instant

Image credits: Letícia Cianflone

#45 Big Soft Building Blocks At The Public Playroom. The Velcro

Image credits: Doris Laan

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Author: Gabija Saveiskyte