It’s that time of year. December has come and it’s brought all of its joys, including Christmas. But what is the meaning of this special holiday? Is it the gifts under the tree, the lights in the windows, or the cards in the mail?

Christmas is the mass for Christ, the celebration of the birth of Jesus, a time for prayer, reflection, and service. But it can also be what you make of it.

To show you that there are plenty of different ways to have a wholesome Christmas, Bored Panda collected a list of the merriest moments that people have created for themselves and others. From decorating your prosthetics with your kid to serving meals for those in need, continue scrolling and check out the pics. They should start filling you up with festive mood pretty soon!

#1 The True Spirit Of Christmas, From Those Who Don’t Even Celebrate It

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#2 My Husband Hated Christmas. But He Left Me This Year, So Now I’ve Got My First Proper Christmas Tree In 18 Years, And A New Rescue Kitty, So I’m Doing Alright

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As we can see, the message of Christmas is universal and revolves around bringing peace, harmony, and unity among all mankind.

In today’s world, plagued with pandemics, wars, destruction, poverty, and terrorism, such goodwill is necessary to maintain our good spirits. Christmas creates an atmosphere of kindness, brotherhood, and benevolence, and energizes society, which can sometimes seem indifferent to caring values.

#3 An Elementary School Bus Driver Asked Every Kid On His Bus What They Wanted For Christmas. He Bought Every Child A Gift

Image credits: Lake Highlands Elementary

#4 My 11 Month Old Son Just Came Off His Ventilator This Morning Following A Ruptured Brain Aneurysm 12 Days Ago. He’s Going To Make It To His First Birthday On Christmas Eve

Image credits: Spudguy

#5 Christmas Parade Dog Helps Woman With Her Anxiety Attack

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But that doesn’t mean that we’re doomed. In fact, we can be pretty generous. And Christmas has the tremendous power to open up our hearts.

Did you know that nearly one-third (31%) of annual giving in the US occurs in December? The season is a huge deal for the nonprofit sector, driving billions of dollars in just a few days; around 12% of all giving happens in the last three days of the year.

#6 May I Present A Small Owl Sleeping In A Christmas Wreath

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#7 Every Christmas, Alice Cooper Serves Hundreds Of In-Need Children Free Meals At His Restaurant

#8 A Christmas To Remember

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It’s hard not to get into the Christmas season with all the festivities, lights, and music, regardless of our own religion or non-religion.

So as a wave of generosity engulfs the world, it’s really heartwarming to see Christians and non-Christians alike giving to those less fortunate. Goodwill towards others and the simple sharing of joy and love with family and friends is something all of us hope for and can contribute to.

#9 Way To Go To Save Trees

Two entrepreneurs started a side hustle renting Christmas trees to reduce the number that end up in landfill. Every January, they replant your tree back on their farm so you can rent it again next Christmas. When your tree hits 7 ft, it’s retired and planted back in its original forest. 

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#10 My Best Friend Said Yes! We’re Getting Married This Christmas

Image credits: aaaronbrown

#11 Spending Christmas Alone For The First Time Due To Covid And My Neighbors Brought Me Over A Complete Christmas Dinner. Meant A Lot To Me, So Glad To Have Them

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#12 Wholesome Gift

Image credits: lilgreenkc

#13 I’m A 38-Year-Old Man Having My Best Christmas Ever Because I Finally Got A Baby Polar Bear. Say Hi To Nala

Image credits: imbignate

#14 Been In My Bed Sick All Day. Finally Opened The Door And Arthur The Cat Had Brought Me A Christmas Ornament From The Tree As A Gift

Image credits: HelpfulPhotograph185

#15 Mom’s Getting Dementia And Cannot Bake Her Christmas Cookies Anymore

I collected all her recipes over the last few months during times she could remember them. I made this cookbook for all my family. The picture a colleague colorized for me. 1943 Germany.

Image credits: Sekreid

#16 Absolutely Rocking His Christmas Outfit

Image credits: sophiearumble

#17 Meet Hiccup, We’ve Given Him A Home For Christmas

Image credits: AidenAsh15

#18 Our 1st Christmas Together And Our 12th Christmas Together

Image credits: _psa115_

#19 The Best Gift

Image credits: rembola

#20 Have A Wholesome Christmas Everyone

Image credits: ImmobileLavishness

#21 First Christmas Movie Together

Image credits: Big-Neck

#22 2020 Wasn’t All Bad, My Brother Made This For Me This Christmas

Image credits: Rebeccad2219

#23 Workmate Knows I’ve Been Finding The Last Few Months Very Tough Financially. Been Alone This Xmas And I’ve Only Known Him Six Months. Told Me There’s A Bag For Me

I presumed it would be a few beers but this man got me so much more! This guy filled my cupboards.

Image credits: d10x5

#24 I Was Sent This Just Before Christmas, This Is The First Time My Dad Has Stood Up Without Having Someone To Help Him Since The Amputation And I’m So Proud Of Him

My dad and my mom live in the UK while I live in the USA. Since I saw them last my dad lost both of his legs.

Image credits: WelshOkie

#25 This Year I Settled On The Biggest Tree I Could Find. Merry Christmas Everyone, Happy Holidays

Image credits: A-A-ron98

#26 My Friend And I Replaced Christmas With Brucemas, Where We Exchange Bruce Willis Themed Gifts Each Year. I Win Forever. (And Yes It’s Real)

Image credits: TylentGreen

#27 Needless To Say I Cried Like A Baby After Opening This On Christmas

Image credits: kshades12

#28 Christmas Eve 2020

My grandmother who had been in hospice for 6 months watched my kids. Open presents one last time, she was so happy the whole time. She held on just for that, she passed later that day.

Image credits: ReverendMage

#29 Me And My Girlfriend Got Each Other The Exact Same Gift For Christmas

Image credits: martinvarleite

#30 A Group Of Mugs I Made For The Holidays

Image credits: tobtal

#31 We’ve Decorated My Prosthetics To Match The Christmas Feeling We Have. Happy Holidays!

Image credits: benhundben

#32 My Cutie Girl Was Found About 6 Years Ago On The Side Of The Road On Christmas Day. She Has 3 Legs And Partial Blindness. Noelle Says Hello

Image credits: beckala215

#33 Every Year My Cat Forgets What A Christmas Tree Is And Re-Discovers The Wonder

Image credits: ImAnElkShootMe

#34 I Decided To Brighten Everyone’s Day During My Last Chemo Before Christmas At The Cancer Care Day Clinic

Image credits: RhoZie013

#35 A Woman In Adelaide, Australia Came Home To Find A Koala In Her Christmas Tree

Image credits: cas2ie

#36 Insane Story. I Showed My Nard Dog Tattoo To The Old Lady Who Sat Behind Me At Work And Explained How Much I Love The Office. She Brought This In The Next Day And Gave It To Me

She said “I don’t watch the show, but my 2nd cousin is Phyllis and she gave me this for Christmas. You should have it!”

Image credits: hardcorechim

#37 It’s A Christmas Miracle! I Can Walk And Stand By The Tree

Image credits: miraclman31

#38 A Giant Christmas Sweater Was Created For The T-Rex At London’s Natural History Museum This Year

Image credits: dragon_lady

#39 Our Christmas Card With Our Triplets This Year

Image credits: Wolfie305

#40 Happy Tears

Image credits: BintyMustard

#41 Christmas Day Is Also My Parent’s Wedding Anniversary, And This Is Their 42nd One. Happy Anniversary, Mr. And Mrs. Mathews

Image credits: saviokm

#42 My Mom Passed Away On Christmas Day. She Was The Cook In The Family. This Is The First Holiday Meal My Dad And I Made Without Her. We’re Going To Be Okay, Mom

Image credits: justme_343

#43 Belgrade’s University Children’s Hospital Is Off-Limits To Visitors Due To Covid Restrictions, But The Mountain Rescue Service Made Sure Kids Spending Christmas In Hospital Got Their Presents Anyway

Image credits: dob_bobbs

#44 Both My Parents Passed Before My Daughter Was Born. My Wife Gave Me This Painting For Christmas

Image credits: DonOf952

#45 My Mom Spent A Year Crocheting These Charlie Brown Dolls For Me For Christmas

Image credits: coolguyforeverr

#46 I Quit Drinking In July, And With The Money I’ve Saved, I’ve Been Able To Splurge More On Christmas This Year. Here’s The Treats My Family Will Wake Up To Tomorrow

Image credits: Dahhhkness

#47 Mike Sullivan And His Wife, Sierra, Have Been Married For Fifty Years. Ten Years Ago, They Built A Small Woodworking Shop In Their Home And Started Making Toys As A Hobby

This Christmas, they’ve given away 1,400 free toys to kids across America.

Image credits: GlendaM94062232

#48 My First Time Decorating The Tree By Myself. I Wanted To Make It Special This Year, Because My Mom Passed Away Suddenly In October. So, This Is In Memory Of Her

Image credits: Blubarries

#49 Ollie Next To The Painting He Got For Christmas

Image credits: Nordtorp95

#50 Neighbors Knew I Was Going To Be Alone For Christmas So They Brought Me This

Image credits: Stepoh

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