An epic Ms. Marvel fight scene featuring Kamala Khan, Red Dagger, and the Clandestines was cut from the final show. Iman Vellani starred as the titular Ms. Marvel, a Jersey City high school student who becomes imbued with cosmic powers as a result of her great-grandmother’s mysterious bangles. Released in June, the latest Marvel series received near-universal praise from critics and audiences, making it the highest-ranked addition to the MCU on Rotten Tomatoes.

Following her initial battle with the Clandestines that resulted in a vision of the past, Kamala traveled to Karachi, Pakistan to visit her grandmother Sana (Samina Ahmad) to find answers. While in Pakistan, the young hero encounters an order of local vigilantes known as the Red Daggers, a group of crime fighting heroes who can sense the parallel dimension known as the Noor and thus its inhabitants, the Djinn (also known as Clandestines). The Clandestines track Kamala to Karachi and engage the young superhero and the Red Daggers. The attack unfortunately leaves the Red Daggers’ leader, Waleed (Farhan Akhtar), dead and the remaining Red Dagger, Kareem (Aramis Knight), to face off against the Clandestines with Kamala in an action-packed battle.

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Now, Ms. Marvel cinematographer Jules O’Loughlin shares with Screen Rant that there was another fight scene with Kamala, the Red Dagger, and the Clandestines filmed, but it was cut from the final release. When asked if there were any Ms. Marvel deleted scenes that O’Loughlin was proud of, the cinematographer recalled a fight scene shot on location in Bangkok in extreme heat and humidity. The Ms. Marvel scene was set an abandoned railroad yard that was “an amazing location,” but ultimately didn’t fit the film’s pacing. Read what O’Loughlin said below:

“That’s interesting. In the heat of battle, it’s such a frantic exercise shooting a series like this that it all kind of blurs … Yes, there was a particular fight scene that we shot in an abandoned train-yard in Bangkok – this was a real location as well. The lines were overgrown with vines and trees; an amazing location. We had a fight scene there with Kamala and our Red Dagger and the Clandestines that was cut from the film.”

It’s always a pity when that happens. A lot of work goes into the filming, and that one I remember. It was probably about 38 degrees and 100 percent humidity, and it was a really physically tough scene to shoot. But it didn’t fit with pacing and story. It often happens; you shoot scenes that are then cut from the final film. But that’s one I do remember, just because of the difficulty of the shooting conditions we faced on those days.”

As is often the case with deleted scenes, pacing is a key reason why scenes are excised from the final cut of a movie or TV show. What may work on the page of the original script could end up slowing down the momentum of the story once everything is shot and edited together, as was the case with this Ms. Marvel fight scene. While a lot of work and effort clearly went into creating the additional fight sequence, O’Loughlin and the team made the difficult decision not to include it. Fortunately, the decision to remove the scene paid off, as Ms. Marvel exceeded expectations as one of the most critically-acclaimed Marvel series ever produced.

Although it is unclear when exactly the deleted Ms. Marvel scene would have taken place within the story, it most likely would have occurred in episode 4 or 5 while Kamala was in Pakistan. The Bangkok set may have doubled for a location in Karachi, especially given that a railroad was very important to Kamala’s revelations about her great-grandmother. Episode 4 seems to be the best fit, prior to Kamala’s journey through time to Partition, as there was limited time to have the fight afterward. Though the scene would undoubtedly have been a compelling inclusion in the final cut, hopefully it could still appear in future as an exciting extra in the Ms. Marvel listing on Disney+.

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Author: Brandon Louis