One of Naruto‘s most defining characteristics is his ability to transform, and his ultra-powerful Baryon Mode just returned in a brand new jaw-dropping sculpture of Konoha’s 7th Hokage.

In the Naruto sequel manga, Boruto: Next Generation, Naruto continues to master new forms as Hokage thanks to his training and friendship with the Nine-Tailed Beast, Kurama. As a young Genin, Naruto was able to master ninjutsu techniques such as Shadow clone jujitsu and Rasengan before channeling the chakra power of the powerful fox spirit. What initially began as a relationship of convenience grew to become a partnership that aided Naruto in unlocking a series of transformations, including the Sage Mode, Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, and Kurama Mode. Along with earlier mastered forms, Demon Fox Cloak and Asura Kurama form. However, his strongest form resides in a complex transformation between him and the Nine-Tailed Beast called Baryon Mode.

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In an ultimate wooden sculpture, Youtube carving channel Woodart Vietnam captures Naruto’s strongest final form, Baryon Mode, a transformation stronger than any Jinchuriki form. First appearing in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ch.51, the statue recreates the transformation from Naruto and Sasuke’s fight against the villain Isshiki Otsutsuki. Baryon Mode combines the chakras from Naruto and Kurama and forms an all-new energy form similar to the nuclear fusion process. However, unlike Kurama Mode, which allows Naruto access to the Nine-Tailed Beasts’ chakra to boost his own, Baryon Mode takes from both parties, thus shortening their lifespan, a double-edged sword with dangerous stakes.

The Baryon Mode sculpture features Naruto, with eight tails infused with his Hokage cloak and two fox ears sprouting from his head. A ninja smoke bomb or cloud takes place alongside the figure, fulfilling the illusion that a recent transformation has taken place. Sometimes these clouds remain in gag moments whenever Naruto uses his Sexy Jujtsu in pranks. In the Boruto manga, Naruto’s coat is cloaked in an orange/red by Kurama’s essence and matching Naruto’s ninja outfit. A few more details include the Uzumaki clan symbol unraveled by Kurama’s tails at the center of the Hokage coat and Naruto’s black lining on his whiskers and around his eyes.

The powers of Baryon Mode involve poisonous punches that can chip away at an enemy’s life force while boosting energy and strength. Unfortunately, the drawback in return depletes both chakra life forces. It can result in death hence why Kurama offered the unknown transformation to Naruto, who was going into battle with no plan. A powerful form indeed for Naruto, however, compared to his son Boruto whose new power may prove stronger than his father’s Nine-Tailed Beast spirit. One thing’s for sure Naruto’s Baryon Mode looks astonishing in the wooden sculpture as the Jinchuriki vessel stands firm with his tailed beast.

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Author: Ashanti El