The 20 Strongest Physical Fighters In The MCU (& 13 Who Are Actually Weak)

One of the greatest joys of going to see a comic book movie is getting to watch how these characters’ unique superpowers play out in a fight. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone to great lengths to show us that bigger doesn’t always mean more powerful, as characters like Black Widow and Ant-Man have been able to take down enemies that have towered over them. But while someone like Ant-Man gets to lean heavily on his supernatural abilities, someone like Black Widow has nothing to draw on but her sheer strength and decades of training. It makes one wonder what would happen if these characters were stripped of their supernatural powers and forced to square off. The only things in play here is a character’s raw strength and fighting abilities. That being said, some characters still have a massive leg up in this arena, as there are numerous heroes and villains who inherently have enhanced strength, speed, and durability. So while someone like Thor may have to go without his lightning powers for this particular fight, he still gets to keep his physical strength.

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Author: Dylan Dembrow