Woody Harrelson Captains A Sinking Ship In Triangle Of Sadness Trailer

A brand-new trailer for Triangle of Sadness, the dark-comedy satire film and Palme d’Or winner from Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund and starring Woody Harrelson, releases. Alongside Harrelson, Triangle of Sadness features a supporting cast that includes Harris Dickinson (The King’s Man), Charlbi Dean (Black Lightning), Vicki Berlin, Zlatko Burić, Oliver Ford Davies, Iris Berben, Dolly de Leon, Sunnyi Melles, and Henrik Dorsin. The story revolves around celebrity model couple Carl (Dickinson) and Yaya (Dean) as they’re invited to join a luxury cruise for the extremely wealthy, helmed by an unhinged ship captain. However, things take a turn for the worse when the boat begins to capsize, and the passengers find themselves stranded on an island.

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Author: Sahil Ahmed